Lip sync battle concludes day one

”We’re All in This Together" reverberated throughout the room as Lyman High School lip synced High School Musical’s song, many audience viewers described as their childhood.

“Seeing all the other performances was fun like High School Musical was twice which brought back some memories,” Torrie Scott from Sickles High School said.

Prior to the performances, multiple schools spent hours planning and preparing for their performances. At J.W. Mitchell High School, groups formed to practice for their own songs.They also had a meeting and practiced an hour before the battle.

“The stage was smaller than expected,” Aidan McCall said. “We had some tumbling and I think we ran out of room.”

Despite these difficulties, they felt that they had an original idea through their mash-up and brought the audience together.The battle was not all in the lips however,but also in the hips. From mascots to acrobatics, the showcases displayed student talent in dancing and telling a story theatrically.

Wire Grass Ranch High School students incorporated dance moves to their rendition of "Don’t Stop Believing." As a dancer, Julia Leck did just that.

“She did a kick or a leap and I did a turn,it was really fun,” she said.

Along with the other groups, eight-year-old Amelia Peeples, traveling with Stewart Middle School, danced. Dressed in black, with rings and Beyoncé’s hair-do, the girls sang "Single Ladies."

Peeples said, “It was probably one of the better ones we have done.”

As an all girl group, Emily Kirk admits there is drama but said they were able to bond.

“It’s fun because you can all hang out in one room when you’re not in classes and everything,” she said.

Behind the scenes, photographers rushed to the dancing spot and crouched down to get the best, optimal angle.

Genevieve Martin from Marjory Stoneman Douglas said, “We got to see everyone perform and got up close and watch everything.”

Her favorite part of taking pictures is that it captures a feeling. According to the teams, the lip sync battle was an opportunity to express themselves and aim for the Spirit Flag.

“I just kind of had fun with it and I was lip syncing and not singing so it’s not like I was feeling vulnerable,” Ezra Zacharias from Lake Mary High School said. Although Zacharias confessed to not being nervous, performing in front of Camp Orlando was out of many of the teams’ comfort zones. However, the performers said they were able to conquer their fear.

“I was really nervous...but everyone was shocked,” Scott said. “We did it and did a really good job.”


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