Camp Orlando after curfew

Hard work all day keeps young journalists awake, but what happens following curfew?

Going in and out of core classes for up to seven hours every day gives only a little time for stuff fun. Even then, during staff time, members are working hard to finish homework, projects, and other objectives for the course they are taking.

Closing up at the end of the day, young journalists, such as Chaetan Prabhu, have a hard time keeping focused. But as the day ends, and curfew strikes, what happens beyond 11:30 p.m.?

“To be honest, after hours is when the real fun begins,” said Prabhu. “I usually eat, watch a movie, listen to music and maybe play card games with my roommates.”

Prabhu went into detail on what type of things he does with his roommates. Jamming out to modern pop music, playing games such as UNO, and Cards Against Humanity.

Then again, there are many more campers that feel sleeping is the best thing to do after getting back from a hard working day on assignments for their core classes and/or activities with other staff members.

“I feel that sleep is the best thing for me,” said Eleanor Knightstep. “If I’m not tired at the moment, I would workout.”

Many think that after curfew, students like to do things such as party, have pillow fights, and do other crazy things, but that’s doesn’t seem to be the case according to a lot of advisers and the young journalists.

Fun time is precious at Camp Orlando. Students have spent a week of their summer to come out and learn more about their particular interest of journalism, and have spent close to 18 hours in their chosen core classes.

So far this week, there has been no controversy over why there is a curfew and/or why there isn’t a disobedience to it. According to Prabhu and Knightstep, there are many activities to do in their hotel room, so why disobey the rules when you can keep yourself self-occupied.

Then again, we don’t need to go anywhere to have fun. We have cell phones.

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