Camp Orlando stereotypes

The screaming girl to the quiet one, there are a wide variety of personalities at Camp Orlando each year. We love them all and we are glad they are all here but we start to see the same thing after a while. Here are some of the people you can expect to see at Camp Orlando.

The Worker These people are here to work. They are serious about creating the best yearbook or newspaper they can. Always to class on time and when they aren't in class they are in their room working.

The Dress Up These are the people that you will most likely find on @OrlandoCuties. They planned their outfit every day and they want that spirit flag more than anything. They bring the personality to Camp Orlando.

The Coffee Drinker We all like it but they love it. These are the people you always see with a cup of energy in their hand. Sleep is limited at Camp Orlando and these people are trying their hardest to make up for it.

The Social Animal These people are making their trip known. They're determined to get their name out there and get a picture retweeted by @camporlando. They know how to make the camp look like the best spot to be this summer.

The Loud One Don't lie, you've heard them. They have spirit and they want everyone to know. They keep the energy going through the general session and we applaud them for it.

The Veteran They've been here before and they're going to be here again. The seasoned campers provide the inside knowledge for everyone, even if everyone doesn't want to know it. They spread the love of this place to everyone.

The Newcomer They are new here but they are learning pretty quickly the secrets they need for camp. The veteran can quickly tell who they are and so can the advisers but they enjoy having them here as much as anyone. Soon they will be veterans and then the next generation of journalists. All of these stereotypes and they all seem to get along. The spirit of Camp Orlando is to accept and teach all of these people for years to come.

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