Last year at camp, veterans say goodbye

For years, young journalists from across the country have gathered in the neighborhood of SeaWorld for Camp Orlando, a week-long journalism workshop for middle and high school students. In particular, Nick Piccione and Sophie Sajecki, both editor-in-chief’s for J.W. Mitchell High School’s yearbook and newspaper, respectively, have been attending the camp since their freshman year.

Throughout the week, each school competes on a level of school spirit and participation in order to win a Camp Orlando spirit flag, in which one school wins per year for decoration in their classroom. J.W. Mitchell High School has not won the spirit flag since 2014, and they are looking to bring home the flag with the departure of a large part of their staff in less than a year.

“Since we have not won the spirit flag since my freshman year, I am determined to take home the flag this year, especially since I will not be here next year,” Piccione said.

As a camp veteran, both of these students have tips for incoming staffers at J.W. Mitchell, as well as newcomers to the camp.

“Don’t be afraid to be as spirited and loud as possible. In classes, make sure to ask lots of questions and grow relationships with your teachers,” Sajecki said.

Since it is their last year at camp, Sajecki and Piccione shed emotions that can be seen as optimistic and worth the wait.

“It’s definitely sentimental because I am spending all my time at camp. Being here for a total of four years made many unforgettable memories, and now I feel like I need to leave my legacy,” Sajecki said.

With the final days of camp coming close, Piccione and Sajecki are anticipating to bring home the spirit flag with the victory in the lip sync contest on day one and the whole group presentation of school spirit of the entire J. W. Mitchell Mustang Press.

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